Sunday, July 10, 2011

Es schreibt im Blog oder es wird der Schlauch wieder.

"Big Black is a decent band and all, but it's not worth making the whole house smell like smoke and shit. I just cleaned the carpets"

So I figure I'd write something quick before I went to work. Something just for my buddy Xavier.

I was thinking about a rig set up. How about a custom thunderbird with a rickenbacker 4003 set-up (that is two seperate outputs for each pick-up) one pick up going through a bass distortion pedal into an ashdown. The other going into an octaver that transposes the signal up one octave and turns the signal into a fifth of itself, into a Big Muff and finally into an orange.

Doesn't that sound fuckin' sexy?

For the rest of our readership, which seems for one reason or another, be all lesbians, a picture of my penis:

Love Big Mike, n'shit.


  1. My laugh, exactly as it happened.

    Heh heh heh, heh heh heh, heh, ha, aahhhhh....

  2. Oh but yes, that setup sounds like quite t3h sex0rz.

    I'd envy that. Currently I just run either my Schecter Ultra or Fender P. through a fuzz/envelope combo into a 1200w behringer crate with a 350w behringer head.