Saturday, July 16, 2011

Uh Oh

This morning, in the length of about 45 minutes, I met a girl, brought her home, fucked her, and she left. After two years of not getting any, two years of failing at relationships, two years of having chances and not taking them, I finally snagged up some slut that I didn't know, and fucked her.

At first, I was stoked, and it made my day. Life felt good, with me getting some pussy. Then later, as in now, I just feel really weird about it. That despite the fact that I conquered a particular part of myself, just gave in and "got me some", I still feel like I failed some how.

I still feel angry, cynical, weird, awkward, fat, itchy on my lower belly (I think its the dairy) and frustrated. I feel dark, and dirty. Shit, I never even exchanged names with the chick. What the fuck.

Then again, I did get laid.

~Xavier R.

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