Monday, July 18, 2011

Bill Maher: Public Enemy #1

"Sane person" Bill Maher, with his trademark look of complete confusion

Liberals, progressives and generally anyone who isn't a Christian has spent plenty of time talking about the so-called "crazy people" in politics and pop culture today. We're all well aware of the Christian fanaticism that's rampant in conservative politics, and the lunacy of people like Glenn Beck is relatively well documented. But I'm here to talk about what I see as a far more dangerous, sinister, and pervasive threat... ...

... Libertarians...

See, I grow-up in a household with a generally left-wing, progressive father who enjoys watching any kind of liberal, "sane", "free-thinking" television that rags on Christians, conservatives, or anyone else who believes in traditional values. When I'm not at home, I get to hear more of this crap from all the "free-thinking" college students who worship the lesbian, Rachel Maddow. This, in of itself, is not at all a bad thing. The war in Iraq? Yeah, generally a bad idea. Removing funding for Planned Parenthood and criminalizing abortion? Also a bad idea. Banning gay marriage? Yeah, pretty stupid. But amidst all of this "sanity" comes a fundamental fanaticism and stupidity that's just as dangerous as anything else we've seen thus far.

At the forefront of this supposed "sanity" is the psychopathic douchebag, Bill Maher. Bill Maher spends the majority of his show, "Real Time With Bill Maher" being a hater; calling Christians and other religious people "crazies", going on stupid rants about when he stopped believing in G-d, and generally sucking copious amounts of cock. Maher, a self-professed "sane" person, has become somewhat of a God for liberal college students and middle-aged, single, white men who happen to hate conservatives. What Maher hasn't told anyone is that his not believing in God has nothing to do with a lack of evidence, he just doesn't do it because he's a contrarian and wants to be different.

Maher is a leader for the Libertarian douchebags who, I believe, should become public enemy #1. They're dangerous not because of what they believe, but because they believe in nothing at all. Your average libertarian is a fanatical atheist who doesn't want to pay a single dime in taxes, but also wants magical elf people to build their roads for them and protect their homes when other people want to slit their throats. Libertarians are dangerous because they're selfish, mean, fanatical pricks who won't lift a finger to help another person. They'd rather watch a child get run over by a truck owned by a capitalist then get out of their chairs. They believe in absolute freedom - that means freedom from helping anyone but themselves, making them a very real threat.

Also, people like Maher need no factual basis for anything they believe. The self-professed "sane" person also believes that vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs are poisons, and believes in "alternative medicine" with absolutely no factual basis for any of it. Again, Maher believes in these things because they're progressive and edgy; not because they actually make sense.

In short, Bill Maher is a douchebag. That is all.


  1. In your recent post about alcohol you also refrained from using the letter o in the word god.

    Do you only avoid the vowel in the word god when addressing the christian god? Because you did include it when mentioning deities as a plural.

    "...calling Christians and other religious people "crazies", going on stupid rants about when he stopped believing in G-d, and generally sucking copious amounts of cock. Maher, a self-professed "sane" person, has become somewhat of a God for liberal college students..."

    If this is something that is known amongst all your close friends I can understand, but not as a stranger randomly browsing random blogs. Intrigue, you see. No homo.

  2. Dr Rouxpurt is Jewish, and it is common (at least as Charlie told me) for them to spell "God" with a dash when referring to their God. Why? that's the really interesting part.

    Ever see that David Fincher movie "Pi"? The premise is that god's real name is hundreds of syllables long and is impossible for humans to pronounce but those who can master it ((at least according to kabbalah, or that David Fincher movie) can use god's power.

    But as for the dash? Its really just a sign of humility.

    ~Big Mike

  3. Mike, Pi was by Daren Aranofsky. Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, Black Swan.

    As for the particular spelling of his god, I can understand that.

    What I cannot understand however are bees.

  4. Kabbalah is for tools...

    That is all.

  5. Yall niggas is whack.

  6. Damnit, David Fincher was the fight club guy, right? always get those guys mixed up!

  7. Yeah he also did Se7en.