Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome to Hell, Michigan.

If I had a choice of going to Detroit or to say, North Korea in order to save everyone I love from a horrible death, I'd honestly go to North Korea.

Michigan is a miserable place, and Detroit is the Mordor at the center of it all, and this is why I'm sure it's export is misery and music, good and bad. Electric Six, White Stripes, Eminem and, well, we'll get to those guys next paragraph. They all came out of post heyday, post Motown Detroit. and it definitely tinges their music.

Yes, how could we forget the Insane Clown Posse? A band that is the musical equivalent of the bumble-bee. The bumble-bee is technically incapable of flight, and yet still refuses to acknowledge reality and routinely can be heard screaming "FUCK YOU, GRAVITY!"

The obviously don't take themselves seriously, which is endearing, but then their fans have to ruin that, didn't they? When you see a white rap group thats just alright, thats one thing, but when you notice trailer parks all over america turn these guys into a religion...

... shit gets scary.

Anyway, I just wanted to impart upon you an actually decent ICP song. Nothing that'll make y'all Down Wit Da Clown n'shit but, you know, shows atleast their talent as rappers.

It's actually a song about hell (detroit), and even though its hardly a rap equivalent of Dante, it's got some good, what we writers call, "Imagery".

Now, you can thank me later for playing for you the best ICP song ever, well, the best song besides that other one...

A Big Mike Rap

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