Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cream of...Malt O Meal?

Movie Not To Watch 2 - Skyline

Let's see, introduction being old friends reuniting for a party and meeting each other's significant other. Check. Some bullshit melodrama to blend in with the main story line (cheating, of course), check. Near indestructible aliens. Check. Said near indestructible aliens harvesting people for whatever purposes. Check. Abrupt ending with the assumption of a sequel (on their end), check. All this being in a metropolitan area. Check.  Toss in some of the oddest  looking attractive people ever and you have Skyline; the greatest movie ever made.

For some reason, I can't get a meme picture up right now, after many a click on it, so I'll move on to my new topic.

Angry Mango

That is angry mango. He is the protagonist of a comic series I believe I shall start. He is inspired by my Mango comics from work, which continued there (for the length of a day) until I was yelled at and called a "dumb ass" for such glimmering genius. Now it will come to your eye holes here. In a new way, I suppose. Well, new to you. And me, since I'm changing the original format. Not that you'd know. Bah, nevertheless. New, regardless.

Enjoy your miserable lives,

~Xavier R.

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