Friday, July 22, 2011

Making Music with Michael McCormack Part Three

So I started these making music deals to hopefully give you some insight into this project as I do it, but I have to say one thing first. The above movie is so amazing I cannot speak highly enough of it. A really amazing Greek (or Korean) tragedy that you are surely less of a person for not seeing.

Now onto the music n'shit.

Dr. Rouxpurt J and I are working on a musical project of magical proportions. Well, I have. Charles has been spanking it with a mystical and furious vigor unknown to mammal and rock alike. He's cool like that. Anyway, it's not like he can do anything at this point, not until I've written all six of the songs I'm gonna put on the E.P. we'll call "Superfuck Volume One, Subtitle: It's Toasted".

Point: I've written 5 of the 6 songs, so soon we'll see things get livelier, crazier and more vocal. Shit, you might even see us perform this in a live setting (not infront of people, mind you, but physically there, with instruments) but untill then, I'd like to show you what I'm up to. Three more songs, bitch. Get ready.

SONG ONE: Big Hoss' Pig Pen
The instrumental song I'm planning to put on the front-end of the EP

The instrumental song I'm planning to make the last track of the EP

The Melvins cover I'm planning to put in after a few minutes of silence after "Lumpy". No vocals yet but feel free to compare to the original (below).

So yeah, fun shit. Next time I make a "Making Music" I swear to god I'll have vocals. Or I won't, whatever.



  1. God damn how I wish I could contribute to your music. Anyways, through email or phone (somehow) you really should contact me so we can hammer out visiting details.

    Anyways, is the title of the movie "Oldboy"?

  2. Mysterious FriendJuly 22, 2011 at 9:30 AM

    Yes X, it is indeed oldboy. Part of a veangence trilogy. They're all quite super.

    Applause for the music as well.

  3. You said you wanted to come up November, right?

  4. Mysterious FriendJuly 22, 2011 at 12:47 PM

    Mike, is that John Waters as your avatar? If so then (insert appropriate response as needed).

    Rock it hard.

  5. It is indeed, stranger. (insert John Waters-esque grin)

  6. Thanks, mysterious friend. I shall investigate a viewing venue immediately.

    And yeah Mike, November would work well for me, if it's good for you.

  7. Just finished it. Excellent. Very odd, but excellent.