Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not a fantasy of violence, but a fact

Uh, shouldn't he have black, curly hair, and brown skin?

I saw that commercial on the meme generator site, and I gotta tell you, I wonder if I purchase resolve, those women will let me have sex with them? Just a thought. Well, more of a prayer. I find commercials nowadays rather disturbing. Even when they merely involve a bunch of women who were obviously promiscuous in college, and totally want to bounce on my rod in secret. Totally.

One that was on around a decade ago or so (a total guess) that I thought was relatively funny;

On to politics.

Elect me as Hegemon of the world, and I promise to execute a bunch of bad guys, build an army that could conquer the universe, lower taxes, and make every Thursday free Thai food day. Also, in no way will I let this get in the way of my current duty as your current religion head/god on Earth.

I have spoken,

~Xavier R.


  1. I love how you can't stick to a single topic for an entire post, and can't make a transition for shit.

  2. Well that was a prompt attack. You must worship me well enough to wait around for the exact moment I make posts.

  3. And that retort was rather quick. You must be fat, being at your dumb site all day.

  4. You have yourself stuck in a very subtle, very dumb loop of logic, friend.

    And yeah, I am fat. In fact, I've eluded to that several times in my post. Hey, read all of the site posts, and tell your friends. Thanks for the friendship.

  5. Posts*, excuse me. And uh...Mom? That's you, isn't it? Y dad no pick up phone when I call at home? He jelly I so gud to look at?

    lol1!!1 Anonymous does an4l butt sex.

  6. That was your inbred dude you caught molesting the neighborhood kids, right? I can tell he's kinda pissed about that butt-fucked-in-prison deal, huh?