Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jet...Jet...You need more Jet!

Silence the discord. Look into the eyes of sanity. A drug riddled adulterous man who pays little attention to his children and beats his wives (ex) is to be considered a beacon of admiration. Praise this country. Praise this world. Also, he will donate $1 out of every ticket he has sold from his tour to the relief effort in Japan. How splendid. He needs his many, many millions for his lifestyle, after all.

After many hours of bashing pretend people's pretend brains out of their pretend heads with a pretend cane, stacking the corpses into a neat pile then lighting it all ablaze, I decided it was time to put my talents to a better use. However, this Thom Yorke record is just making me hate the government, instead of inspiring to be artistically creative. Off with the Yorke, on with the Mingus.

There we are. Ah wait, now I just want to live a poor, tortured life, die broke, and become famous many years later. Damn my choices. I'll just go from here.

Speaking of Charles Mingus, I had posted on my facebook that I was interested in finding enough money to make a film about his life. Wild, violent, hectic, and above all else, the most brilliant composer of any genre to have ever lived. If you can't take my word for it, give his stuff a listen. I'll even make it easy on you.

I know opinion is objective, but get yourself uh-studying, and you will come to find that I am no liar.

Anyways, only days later, I discovered that they where making a film about the late great, Charles Mingus. So here is another hyperlink, the the hopes that you will learn more. Oh, and you'll need a facebook account. If you don't, then hurry and assimilate, asshole.


~Xavier R.

p.s. Why is the moon?

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