Monday, April 11, 2011

Recipe: $15 Hour of Power

Results May Vary

You will need:
1 64oz Gas Station Soda Cup or larger
2 16oz Energy Drinks  (Rockstar or Monster is preferred)
1 12oz Black Ice Monster Extra Strength (With or without the Nitrous Technology)
2 2oz Five Hour Energy Extra Strength
2 Excedrin Extra Strength (Powdered)
5 Tums Berry Flavored (Powdered)

Put ice in cup, then powdered pills, then five hour, then black ice monster then finish off with energy drinks. Should not cost you more then 15 dollars, if it does, steal ingredients.

Side effects might include, but are not necessarily limited to, nervousness, irritability, paranoia, heart palpitations, cardiac arrest, coma, death or thinking you are god.

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