Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Serious Shit: a letter to my mother.

Dear Mom,

Obama is not a Socialist or a Nazi. He's not a Marxist, Leninist or a Mouist. He's not even a garden veriety Communist. He's not Kenyan or even the anti-christ. 

He's an asshole. 

But the thing is you don't even know why. You just believe what fox news tells you. 

You know why you lost your job at the police station due to downsizing? Not because of the "Fucking Democrat senator" that go elected in Washington state the other year. It's because the Republican party you so vigorously voted for fucking hates you. You're the lower middle class they exploit because you're stupid, racist and wouldn't know what your best interests were if they crammed them up your ass. All the Republican party wants to do is give tax breaks to the rich and put the deficit on your back. You hate Obama because of all the things he really isn't, the things I mentioned above. I hate Obama to for a completely different reason, because he isn't a Democrat.

3 years in and Guantanamo is still open, we're still in two wars in the middle east, we're still continuing the retarded war on drugs, we're still the only developed nation in the world were you have to pay massive corporations for health care coverage, still giving massively profitable and massively irresponsible oil companies annual multi-billion dollar subsidies, cutting the rich's taxes and we're still unemployed and scared.
So, Mom, I'd appreciate it if you stopped being so white-trashy and turned off fox once in awhile.


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