Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fickle caucasian teens being eaten by Fish from the Mesolithic era makes for a keen viewing experience.

No one asked you. (Though I shall be crucified by the nerds, for thats exactly what hes doing.)

So the other day I woke up wearing old clothes that were covered in mud and grass. Ah yes, vodka fueled morning baseball. However, this memory did not come back to me right away, because a drunken me is a me with a fleeting mind. I simply figured the mud people were at it again.

How irritating is it, when you come to realize that the best friend of the one you tried and failed to get with is a thousand times more glorious and beautiful, yet thrice a thousand times more difficult to gain access to? Let me explain to you the stalkerish ways in which I refer to. Excuse me, stalkerish way. Facebook.

It is this Facebook method which also made me realize how easy it is for people to use Facebook for stalking, and uh, other miscellanea of mischievous mishaps. Oh no no no, it's totally cool that I'm doing it, because I don't exactly plan on skinning her, bathing in her blood, then wearing whats left of her carcass to the Halloween party. Though that isn't an awful idea. Wait, yes it is. Bad Xavier! Bad!

Pretty much what I'm getting at, is that you need to support your local Thai food restaurant if it is privately owned by real Thais. Because thats some damn good food made by some damn nice people. That was the point I was making, right? I should probably back track and be sure no one somehow thinks ill of me. Perhaps I'll do it after a session of creepy stalker masturbation. Uh, and some Thai food.

I have spoken

~Xavier R.

p.s. With an iced tea.

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