Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rage: Robert Pattinson 3 - the final rage.

As I told you guys earlier, Pattinson is in the forerunning for being Tetsuo in the new Akira movie. What I alluded to at the end of that debacle was that he was also the first choice of a certain Courtney Love to play her husband in a Biopic. How gay is that? Not the good kind of Las Vegas gay, either.

I can't even tell the difference!

Can you imagine that, how horrible that would be? Can you imagine your 12 year old cousin wearing nirvana t-shirts? Or buying the bizarro world Nirvana album they'll call a Soundtrack, the one where Robert Pattinson is the vocalist? No, I'd rather fucking not.
Good thing this movie looks fucking DOA, right folks? Here's a musical biopic he should make, one deserving of his acting talents, one based on a living musical legend.

It's Big Mike, Bitch.

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