Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rage: Pop Music's Cynical Empathy Play

Brandon: twice as tasty as Twilight, half the calories.

Don't you get tired of pretty, famous, straight and rich people of telling you it's okay to be ugly, unpopular, gay and broke?

I take no real pride in having done the research, other then that of a man who's survived a great misjustice. What misjustice you ask? The misjustice of Anchorage radio. It's a fucking travesty. Anchorage radio sucks primarily because no matter what station on the FM band you choose, it's basically an mp3 player with commercials. An mp3 player with all the good words taken out and a really small mp3 player at that.

So what are you to do if you're a "DJ" but you can only play 18 songs all day? You choose to choose the cheesiest bullshit you can find. The more auto-tuned, the more "Yeah! UH! WOOH!" in it, the more reference to the high roller lifestyle the better. You find and you play THOSE songs, over and over and over and over again. Sometimes you have theme nights, where you play all of these shitty songs in one long, sequencial Uhn-tiss-Uhn-tiss euro mix of shame.

And while I find the mix of sampling, auto-tune and lifestyle porn abhorrent, nothing else in my opinion is as egregeous as the cynical empathy play of pop music. Y'see, it seems you can't be a famale musical "talent" without being the ones to tell us that it's alright to be us, as if we were waiting for their approval.


Exhibit A: Lady Gaga in "Born this Way"

Exhibit B: Christina Aguilera in "Beautiful"
Exhibit C: Katy Perry in "Firework"

So, in summary: Doesn't this, now that I've brought it to your attention, drive you fucking nuts?

Think about it, you fickle fucks.

Big Mike.

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