Friday, April 22, 2011

Why so mad?

Not even light can escape.

Though I had a great deal of fun meandering about Seattle and it's outlying areas, I came to see how angry and instinctively soulless people can be when too many other people are around them. Take for example the teenage blonde girl that came barreling into my chest because I wouldn't scoot over, even though I was as far right as safety in a crosswalk would allow. Unapologetic, the bitch just kept walking. It wasn't too long until I noticed that everyone was like that in the street.

After a couple of hours, I caved, and let that bit of my polite self to the wind. Regardless of fearing I would lose karma, I let myself wince internally as I just walked straight into the masses. At the very last moment, people gave way and went around me, with barely an inch of leeway.

Beyond this, everyone just seemed unnecessarily hostile. I understand having a physical or metaphysical bubble surrounding yourself and your friends, but whats wrong with just accepting a smile? In fact, I received maybe a handful of smiles, with 90% of returned glances being either glares or upturned noses, especially from women. I don't think it's because I'm black, because a great deal of the population in Seattle is black. I think everyone is just an asshole.

Stop being an asshole. Chill out. No one is going to hurt you. Well, some might. But take that risk. It'll feel totally cool when you do. Take my friend here;

The little black beach spider.

 They just walk around the beach looking for little creatures to eat, have sex with other little black beach spiders, and chill in the sun, but know how to bite if they HAVE TOO. We can take a page from their book.
If you don't like to read, well I'm sure they'll make a movie about it.


~Xavier R.

p.s. It's cool man. Really. It's cool.

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  1. Seattle likes to think it's New York sometimes. Truth is no matter how hard it tries, it just comes off as effete and desperate.