Thursday, April 21, 2011

Probably hit it like a "G"

Now, as a man, and a really liberal, could-give-a-fuck kinda man, I've never ever found the conservative, victim blaming, "She dressed like a whore" excuse for rape to hold much water. Conservatives, and I'm not gonna sugar coat it, hate women, freedom and the American way. But I had this principle tested last night at work.
Let me describe her, she was wearing a shirt. I didn't get a good look at her face because I was scanning her legs and wondering her reasoning for wearing a skirt that short this time of the year... No, no wait. There's no skirt. Oh man, her ass cheeks are hanging out! I doubt she was wearing any underwear.
And you know what, conservatives, I still didn't want to rape her. As much as that shit would just thrill you.

But you kooky conservatives are into some, lets just say some frankly heinous shit. Especially you conservative women. You anti-choice, abstinence-only educating, home-schooling mothers just shit out girls that are going to put out anyway but are less likely to use contraception and much more likely to think that having an orgasm makes Jesus cry.

It does, but not in they way you'd automatically assume.

At this juncture I'd like to show you some Abstinence Panties from a website called What Would Your Mother Do? I'm not really how sure that applies to dealing with the frat boy's erect cock pointing at you because "make a stupid fucking website selling underwear with slogans on it" is really very niche advise.

Wow, okay, there's a real problem here. Why are these girls going to wait until they're to their underwear to spring the "I'm waiting till marriage, blah blah blah" line? Talk about rape-baiting. At this point, all they'll be is talking vaginas to the hormone stupid christian boys they're blue balling. Is she at least going to take it in the ass like a good christian girl trying to preserve her virginity?

Perfect for carrying your bible and your KY.

Shine on, you crazy christians.

Big Mike.

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